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Katelyn Daniels, LCPC
Professional Counselor & Psychotherapist
EMDR/Trauma/Relationship Specialist 

(847) 275-1024

If you are searching for a therapist you are undoubtedly going through something you feel you can no longer cope with on your own. Sometimes life can be very difficult. Sooner or later we all have experiences that are very painful and challenging. Perhaps you are struggling with a relationship, a loss, an illness or are feeling stuck. Perhaps you have problems with anxiety, depression or struggle with an addiction. I believe that we all have the ability to heal and grow and that forming a partnership with a therapist who can teach and guide us can be a life-changing experience.

I am a compassionate, genuine and experienced counselor who can help you not only to overcome your present day struggles but also to understand and deeply heal the experiences in the past that may be underlying them. I can guide you to heal and work through these challenges while helping you to connect with your genuine self, realizing the unique and wonderful person you truly are!! My approach is holistic and integrates a variety of approaches and techniques. I also share the wisdom and lessons I've learned from my own life and my work with hundreds of clients. People don't want a cold and distant so-called "expert" who will see them as a diagnosis and do therapy "by the book". They want a real, down to earth person who knows and understands what they are going through. Therapy takes time and hard work but it is well worth it. My clients are ready and committed to invest in the process because they understand that healing and personal growth are the most important part of their lives and that they are on a journey towards Self-actualization.
I invite you to read through my website to learn more about the services I offer and the approaches I use. Please leave contact information if you would like to be informed of special offers or have questions you would like to have addressed in my blog!

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