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"Katelyn Daniels is a phenomenal therapist! It was my good fortune to have been referred to her several years ago. Her professionalism was so reassuring and made my initial therapy session comfortable immediately. I found Katelyn to be supportive, non-judging and empathetic. It seemed she had a real grasp on what I was trying to convey ... at times, before I was really aware of my own message. Although my impression of Katelyn's style is that of nurturing and sensitive, she is simultaneously insightful and direct in her communication.
Katelyn has a way of defusing a moment with an acute sense of humor. Her intellect is sharp and she is witty. I know that Katelyn is deeply committed to her profession and has continually enhanced her "tool box" with new and innovative approaches to emotional healing. She makes her clients feel unique and her approach is never "canned" but instead, designed to each client's specific needs. She shared her own personal experience in some instances, which made me feel very affirmed and contributed to my healing process.
In closing, I would like to add that my experience in therapy with Katelyn far exceeded my expectations. She assisted me in opening up my eyes to a much bigger picture of myself and my relationship to the universe. She would be a truly valuable resource for anyone seeking an increased sense of serenity in his or her life."

Joli S.

"Katelyn brings her seasoned experience and compassionate wisdom to each moment of her work. I am truly fortunate to have her guidance in my life. Katelyn is a healer in the true sense. She helped me to gain abilities to heal myself and grow like never before. I enjoy a richer quality of life thanks to her." 
Bill D, LCSW

"Katelyn has helped me to understand that being a therapist does not make me immune to having problems of my own. She has helped me to cope with anxiety, marital problems and career issues. Katelyn has been supportive and kind to me during some difficult times in my life. She has helped me to accept myself while becoming a better, stronger person." 
Laura L, LCPC

"As a counselor I was careful when choosing a therapist for myself I have found Katelyn to be a rare treasure of professionalism, integrity, skill and wisdom. Katelyn is gentle, compassionate and capable of profound spiritual insights. I have found her advice to be both sound and practical. She has an excellent grasp of family dynamics. The hypnotherapy technique was very powerful for me in helping me to heal parts of my personality that were operating unconsciously. I thank God Katelyn is a part of my life!" 
Kristen M, M.A.

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