Center for Personal Transformation - Faciltating Your Journey from Ego to Living in Spirit

Our lives are a journey toward ever increasing levels of consciousness and maturity. Our life experiences and relationships are for the purpose of our psychological healing and psychospiritual development. My focus is on resolving our core issues and their underlying causes, not merely the symptoms they create. I am a guide and facilitator of each person's healing journey and have been committed to this work for over 30 years.

My approach is very much in harmony with 12 step programs as well as what is known as Pathwork, a body of work that was introduced to the world by Eva Pierrokos from the late 1950s until the late 1970s. It outlines a path of how to shed our masks or false selves, dismantle our defenses, work through our ego issues and addictions and ultimately connect with and live from our true Spirits.

My treatment approach integrates modern psychotherapeutic techniques and is based on a psychodynamic and transpersonal orientation. I believe that most of our symptoms are manifestations of unhealed trauma and abuse/neglect as well as the stress and difficulties we are encounter as part of the human condition.Together, we will focus on your present day challenges and symptoms as I also help you identify and heal past experiences that may be affecting your present day self-image, relationships and behavior. I use regression therapy, including past life regression, to identify and clear the underlying experiences and the beliefs, and the feelings and behaviors resulting from them. I use cutting edge techniques such as EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and a transformational hypnotherapy technique known as Alchemical (as in Alchemy) Hypnotherapy. (see for more information about this advanced technique). These techniques greatly enhance and accelerate the healing process.I am not a strong advocate of the medical model or psychiatric medications though I will work with clients who take them. Too often, however, they just mask the problems and blunt the emotions which can actually interfere with true healing.

Help is also available for individuals coming to terms with addictive use of substances and behaviors by addressing the reasons for these addictions and learning to replace them with a positive, self-affirming lifestyle. One of my specialties is benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal. I recognize that benzo withdrawal is unlike withdrawal from any other drug and must be very gradual. I work in conjunction with a psychiatrist who follows the Ashton Method of a slow taper using valium. I provide knowledge, insights, and individual support for those in withdrawal or post-withdrawal healing and adjustment. I use hypnosis and EMDR to help with the withdrawal process as well as Cognitive Behavioral techniques.

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Insurance Accepted for residents of Illinois
Sliding fee scale available

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