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What is the Ego?

There is a good deal of confusion about the concept of "Ego" and I will seek herein to clarify what ego is to the best of my understanding. Ego is simply our human personality and we need it to function in this earthly dimension. That said, however, there is what might be called a healthy ego as compared to one that has been wounded or inflated and as a result has many defenses, distorted thoughts and projections, repressed emotion and behavior patterns that sabotage one's life and relationships. When one's ego is healthy one has a positive, self-accepting sense of self along with the ability to be self-aware and to face and work through personal issues, not only how one has been wounded but how one has wounded others. A healthy ego is psychologically mature and capable of connecting with and receiving guidance from one's Higher Self (God, Spirit) and thereby lives the truth of one's Spirit in the human dimension. An unhealthy or underdeveloped ego has often been wounded by abuse and trauma or has become inflated and falsely empowered (or both) and has separated from Spirit. In that case the ego takes over the role of being in charge of one's life. It craves security, control, being right, and being seen in a certain way. It is full of fear and uses that fear to justify its own will rather than to surrender to a Higher Power. Ego begins to form in childhood and starts to solidify in adolescence. Many people stop maturing at these stages of life and continue to operate emotionally as children or adolescents. Counseling and Pathwork help individuals face their ego issues in order to heal the wounded self, develop a healthy, mature ego and thereby transcend an immature ego-based existence. Psychological growth and maturity leads very naturally to spiritual growth and maturity. They are actually one in the same.

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